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Welcome to Smith’s School of English Teaching, Japan

Smith's School of English is Japan's premiere English teaching franchise system. In 1996, Mark Smith, Founder and Collaborator in Chief, established within the English teaching community in Japan a unique and exciting chance for those looking for a business opportunity in Japan.

Smith's School of English teaching Japan is an organization built to provide quality of life and wealth for foreign (non Japanese) English teachers in Japan. Today Smith's is the largest English conversation franchise corporation in Japan owned and operated by foreign English teachers. We believe the business of teaching English conversation in Japan should belong to the very same foreign English teachers who are so essential to the business.

  • If you imagine yourself teaching English in Japan, let us take you there.
  • If you've thought about making a career teaching English and want more than just a job, then Smith's proven system is the right choice for you.
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As a discerning entrepreneur, you will learn from this website all you need to know about our exciting English teaching business opportunity and how the benefits of our franchise system far surpass all other English teaching opportunities in Japan.

Working in the English as a Second Language (ESL) field is a fulfilling and rewarding experience, especially in Japan, a country that understands the value of the services that you render. We call what we do Coaching Communicative Confidence. We coach our students how to communicate in English with confidence. You may already be a trained Teacher of ESL, TESL, or TEFL, an ALT within the JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) programme in Japan, or as some would say, just a plain old English teacher. Then again you may be just thinking of starting a career teaching English. Either way, take action now and determine your future!

Explore our website and find out just what Smith's Schools of English can offer you! Find out what it means to be a real Coach of Communicative Confidence and don't be left behind. Contact Smith's today!